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We pride ourselves in providing professional and efficient tiling services. Please peruse our selection of materials for your next tiling project!
We offer all of these products and services to ease your bathroom renovation project:
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Ceramic tiles are glazed tiles fired one or more times to achieve the desired look and texture. They can be appropriate for most residential floor and wall use but are not appropriate for exterior installation as they will not withstand the freeze/thaw cycles in our area and will result in cracked tiles.

Ceramic tiles require very little maintenance. They do not require sealing and can be cleaned with a mild, pH neutral cleaner like Aqua Mix AquaKleen. Standard household remedies like vinegar or ammonia based products can harm the tile and grout. Routine vacuuming or sweeping will remove debris from floors.
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Porcelain tiles are made up of finer particles than Ceramic and also fired at a high temperature, thus resulting in a harder, denser tile. Porcelain tiles can get glazed on the surface, polished, textured, or a variety of other finishes. Today’s trends in technology focus on porcelain tiles because of their durability. Porcelain tile can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Porcelain tiles require very little maintenance. Most do not need to be sealed and can generally be cleaned with a mild detergent. Routine vacuuming or sweeping will remove debris from floors. Polished porcelain may require buffing to ensure a streak-free finish.
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Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles will vary from stone to stone and come in a wide array of finishes and sizes. Natural stones include: Marble, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Quartzite, Travertine, Onyx, and more. The beauty of a natural stone is that unlike any man-made product each piece is distinctly unique and variation in the color range is guaranteed.

Natural stone requires specific maintenance requirements. Please refer to our Aqua Mix Care & Maintenance brochure. We suggest sealing all-natural stones to enjoy installation for a lifetime.
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Bath Remodels

Our specialty work lies within our bathroom remodels! Sign up for this service to get the best that Hinshaw has to offer!